Phishing Targets You

jcallahan posted on 5
Phi$hing Phor $Dollar$

Emails are still the easy way to get into an organization

                For many years people a have used phishing emails to break in to computer systems.  The reason this tactic has continued for so long is that it works.  A KnowBe4 blog references a recent study by The 2018 Human Factor Report by Proofpoint Research shows that email was the top attack method for cyberattacks in 2017. 

Watch for these Phishing Email Red Flags when reading your email.

  • Date and time –  Ask yourself would this person normally send me an email at that time?  If it seems unusual it might be a phishing email.  For example, you receive an email sent from your manager at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.
  • To – Was this email sent to you or were you on the cc line and you don’t know the other people included on the email.
  • Links – Getting a person to click on links in an email is one of the most common ways to get through our cybersecurity defenses.  Hovering your mouse pointer over a line will show the true action that will take place if you click on it.
  • Attachments – Only open attachments you were expecting.
  • Subject – Does the subject match the content of the message? Is the message a reply to a message you did not send?
  • From – Is this message from a person or organization you normally receive email from?  Hovering the mouse pointer over the from email address may show clues of the true sender.


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