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How Embarrassing!

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How Embarrassing!

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and everyone taking and posting pictures, can you keep anything private?  Here are some steps that you can take to limit your exposure.

1. Your social media may not be as private as you think that it is. Posting personal information ANYWHERE on the internet can become public even though you did not intend it to. Audit what you put online.  Always assume that it will become public at some point, and if that would embarrass you, DON'T post it.  Pertains to all of your social accounts - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Classmates, Flickr, Pinterest, and ALL OTHER such sites.

2. Same goes for emails, photos, comments, etc. that you might place on friends' social sites.

3. Be careful what you discard - any document or other media that contains anything personal should be securely destroyed (shredded, erased/demagnetized, etc.) before your donate/discard it. This includes any financial statements, photos, recordings, old checks, computers, phones, letters (does anyone still mail letters??), diaries/planners, password lists, etc.

4. Always behave as though you are "on camera" - there's a good chance that you actually are!  Many municipalities have security cameras "around town". Somebody may have a "spy camera" mounted somewhere in your vicinity, or may be recording you on their phone, etc.

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